Ronnie J.
Ronnie has been singing the high tenor Doo Wop for over 50 years.  He also sings amazing Soul, R&B and Motown. He is our primary lead singer but also does background vocals. He has been in countless groups on both coasts and sang with some of the greats including his close departed friend Bobby Boris Pickett – famous for The Monster Mash.  He has also performed in many of Art LaBoe’s Oldies Concerts and radio shows in the Los Angeles area..

Don Drouin   
A New Hampshire native, Don started playing drums at the age of 7, doing odd jobs for neighbors to pay for drum lessons.  His drum teacher, Eddie Nicholas, played for Paul Anka (a popular singer in the 50's).  Don's portfolio of musical experience includes gigging with various rock & roll and country bands such as “The Inner Sanctum” in the 60's, “The Valiant Trio” in the 70's, “Against All Odds” in the 80's, and “Drouin's Band of Gold” in the 90's.  Don spent six years in the military in the US Marine Corps ('69-'75) and received a Meritorious Promotion to the rank of E-4, a non-commissioned US Marine Corps Officer"for dedication to duty" while serving overseas and other countries all over the world. The year 2000 brought Don an enjoyable opportunity to play theater tunes in the orchestra pit as a percussionist for plays at the Institute of Arts in Manchester NH. He also taught percussion to several musicians that became great drummers.  "I never realized how much music could change a person's life and make them a happier human being. I absolutely love playing with the fun and talented musicians in The Original Magic Moments Band - the bestband I have ever performed with!

Ed Dondero

Ed Dondero (guitar/vocals) is a seasoned guitar player of the Boston music scene who incorporates rock, blues and country styles into his guitar playing.  He started his music career playing rock and blues throughout the 70’s.  In the 80’s he could be found playing the “John Penny” circuit with a number of country bands.  By the time the 90’s rolled around he found himself gravitating back to his blues roots, which he has maintained till today.  He claims his major influence to be Freddie King, along with Eric Clapton, but shades of Albert Lee and Robben Ford can be found in his playing as well.

Richard Lavallee
60 years of playing keyboards in the northern part of New England. Born in Lowell growing up to play with many groups in the sixties back when Rock And Roll was the greatest. Playing on the MT. WASHINGTON cruise ship, to car shows, summer concerts ,weddings, clubs and everything else, made my music career complete. Living in New Hampshire and still active keeps me young at heart at 73. I own a 1957 Chevy truck which I use for gigs every once in a while but mostly for pleasure and still ride my Harley motorcycle. I've still got some years left in me and hope to finish them with The Original Magic Moments Band.

John Sacca
From Peabody, MA, John has many years of experience in the music and entertainment business working professionally with various bands from the Boston area such as: “The Rivieras”, “Smokin’ Joe & The Henchmen”, “Classic-Trax”, “Hipshot”, “Kickin’it Band” and “The Midtown Horns” playing all styles of music from 50’s, Doo-Wop, 60’s-70’s, Classic Rock to R&B, Funk, and Soul.

Meet The Band

D.J. Lopez
DJ has been in many bands and is very happy to be part of a band that performs great music from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s - music for all ages to dance, sing along and enjoy! Utilizing new state-of-the-art 1000 watt Acoustic Bass equipment as well as vintage Kustom tuck ‘n roll bass cabs. Using a separate PA system with 4, 15” Peavy custom speakers and a 600 watt Fender PA amp for the bass vocals as well as leads. Owns 41 bass guitars! “It’s fun trying to decide which bass to bring to the gig!” D.J. also plays drums and guitar and runs an extensive light show including Lasers!

Priscilla Hudson
Priscilla grew up singing in the choir and performed at many local venues.  She’s has worked with several Doo Wop groups singing lead and wonderful harmonies.  In addition to Doo Wop and 60’s, she enjoys singing 70’s and 80’s tunes as well. She has performed many times with the great Billy Shelton, original member of the “Spaniels,” famous for the hit, "Goodnight Sweetheart Goodnight."